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Nouweb | A Creative Agency for Creative People

Initially started as a way of expressing our creativity we created websites that were different than the standard way of making websites. We were convinced that in order to truly create an interesting and compelling experience for website visitors it is vital that the website design is as practical as can be while still being as attractive as possible within those limits.

Now we design and create websites, logos, and branding for some of the most important websites between Ibiza and Formentera. With our years of experience in the sector we are proud to say that we have also been able to drastically improve the online positioning of our clients, so that they are always optimizing their requests and online visibility.

Apart from the design and creation of beautiful & simple websites, we also take great care of the SEO which nowadays is vital for any company or person wanting to be found online, easily and effectively.

Feel free to contact us for an inquiry or more information without any form of compromise at all, we would be happy to invite you over for a coffee...!

  • Branding

    Creating a strong brand for your company is vital for survival and success. NOUweb can assist you to create the perfect and strongest brand for your company. A brand that fits well with an online and offline presence. It is very important that the brand inmediately tells you what the company stands for but especially the emotional value or feeling that it transmits to the end customer. Depending on what your target market is and your goals we can create the right kind of branding for you and your company.

  • Web Design

    We specialize in simple and beautiful web designs, without too many bells and whistles. We believe the cleaner a layout is the better a visitor can easily understand the content of the website. The faster someone can get to the point of your website and filter out the important content the better it is for you and the visitor as no time is wasted on unnecessary features that most of the times only confuse whoever is looking.

  • Seo & Marketing

    AFter creating a website and branding it is very important to keep going at it with your SEO and marketing if your goals is to have a strong presence online. SEO is a constant investment of time and effort in order to keep your content interesting and fresh, improving your rankings on search engines, but more importantly keeping the content interesting for your visitors and clients. We are experts in SEO and highly recommend you to always keep investing in this as to keep on top of your online presence and rankings.

  • Logos

    In line with the branding it is vital that your logo is clear and beautiful. We have made many successful and attractive logos to go with the branding of your website. Not having a logo on your website could make the branding look of lesser quality, which cannot be the case if what you are looking for is something beautiful and professional at the same time. Our team of professionals are experts in the creation of great logos for your company.