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Creative Websites in Ibiza

October 16, 2016 / By Nouweb

"Today we are already immersed in the redefinition of the traditional business."

It was your Business Card, now it is your Business

Some time ago, when the small and medium business world began to realize the potential that existed in what they called some Internet, they began to think of an idea that was taking force and that still today still persists: The use of Internet as A kind of billboard, business card. Many websites still follow that path, and it is not that it is far from wrong. But what if we get more things, and if we get ahead of the others? In the online world, our positioning in search engines, especially in the Google king, is vital and to this day. There are virtually no sectors or businesses that escape the massive influence of Internet searches. And our web pages are totally related to our success. At some point someone told you that your business card would be vital to the success of your business? Possibly the commercial that sold them, but not many more. A business card is a good presentation element, but of course it is not very important in our sales (unless we sell business cards!). So, why use our web pages as such? No, they are not just a presentation of our company. They are much more.

Our website and Ibiza, an imperishable love

Let us forget for the moment that a web page is a newspaper, a pasquin or a magazine. It is not. We will even forget that it is called web page. We will think of it as if it were a shop, a commercial place, that instead of being located in the Calle Avenida de Barcelona number 7 is located in The first thing is to have a nice showcase that shows our products. We need an internet window dresser, someone who knows how to show who we are and who we are. Graphic designers, SEO experts, online marketing experts .... We enter a new world, where the old one evolves. Our website is no longer that place with the address of our company and its telephone. Now it is a true sales engine, a vehicle as good as our physical business. Let's see as an example a typical fictional restaurant in Ibiza. Imagine for a moment that web page that you want to generate performance. Several characteristics will define it according to its capacity:

  • Your ability to show your company and your identity: A serious, professional, exquisitely designed website that looks good on both mobile phones and tablets and computers, including modern technologies, links to social networks, etc.
  • Your ability to reach your customer: Your search engine positioning (SEO), your code and security structure, your management of users, your interaction with your regular customers and potential.
  • Your ability to serve: For our restaurant in Ibiza we could include online orders and reservations, or loyalty systems such as points, customer opinions, etc. Thus our visitors would find it useful.
  • Its ability to expand: Social networks, search engines, platforms ... There are many options for our website to expand itself on the Internet.

As we see, the concept of web page is expanding and gradually moving to an interconnected virtual world. We are in a moment of transition from the offline to the online. We already have numerous big profit companies operating exclusively in the virtual world. And every year their number increases. In our restaurant, we are going to bring clients who come through our door, but more than they come because they found us online and they liked the offer, what we offer. It is very important that in Ibiza we have the best website, which shows us well in all aspects. Only then can we compete properly and gain positions in our SEO. And remember that positions are sales, translate directly into profits.

Welcome to the Real World

Does all this mean that the "real world" no longer exists? Not much less! It's just the opposite! Now we can reach the people of our city more easily than before. How many tickets were needed to reach 100 customers? Ten thousand? Or even more. Or the ads in the newspaper, which in the end seemed to be seen only by family and friends. Now we can reach all the inhabitants of Ibiza with more effectiveness. Because the internet allows segmenting the population very well and therefore we can focus our efforts on winning the customers we need, and best of all, they will appreciate our efforts in the form of loyalties. A webpage with the characteristics that we have described previously not only assures us a good image, but also sets the foundations of online development, and that translates into business development. Today one does not understand the one without the other. In the web pages of our restaurant in Ibiza we can already start the business, not when the customer physically enters our door. It is that concept that has buried that one page is a business card. A website is a complete business, with its counters, tables, chairs, showcases, employees, cash register and kitchen. And as such we must care for it, pamper it, give it the best attention. That road, which used to be the future, is today.