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The Importance of SEO

Surely throughout your day you do one or more searches on Google. And in most cases you start reading the results obtained in order as Google shows them, that is, gradually lowering the list of links offered by the search engine, browsing until you find the web that interests you. Normally you will not click through to a page unless what you are looking for is specified in the title and description of the website listed. Of course you will not even get to two or three, let alone the ones that come after. Most people stay on the first list or page of results and if they do not find what they are looking for, they then try again with other words. Well, SEO, also called Search Engine Optimization, is the combination of a set of different strategies that enable you to have your website ranked as high as possible. Searching for the terms that interest the possible client (with keywords) we look for a way that when they search them we are the ones that appear in first position of the results.

What SEO could mean for your business in Ibiza

Let's look at it with a simple example: Imagine that we have a typical restaurant in Ibiza. We want people that visit our beautiful city to come to our restaurant and taste our kitchen. The possihble client starts a search in Google for "Typical food Ibiza". If he sees our restaurant in the results, he will probably click through and visit our website. And if the offer seems attractive, he will visit us. One more customer, a business that evolves. But, what if he searches and does not see our restaurant amongst the first 3 results? Well what happens is that in Ibiza there are many other restaurants that will have done their homework with SEO - or at least a little bit more - and will see them before they get to your business listing. We will lose visibility and loose any possible sales. So the different techniques for appearing in search engines (mainly Google) are vital today for your business, and these techniques are called SEO. Some people believe that the Internet has a global approach, and that these techniques to find us on Google only make sense for larger national or multinational companies. That's not true. It is even more powerful locally, as visibility increases the more specific our search and positioning is the more important it becomes.

But someone who wants a restaurant in Ibiza will look for one, using only the word "restaurant"? No, look at least using two words: "Ibiza Restaurant". And the trend is even to use more: "Typical Ibiza Restaurant". Do you see the power of SEO? We do not have to compete with all the websites of the world to reach that person, just with other restaurant websites that contain the word "Ibiza". That greatly reduces the range of competition for the top positions ... You'll be surprised how many have not yet come to this fact however.

We believe that it is absolutely necessary that you know what is necessary to reach Google's top position. We inform you of what we do and we can achieve the success of your online business all the way to position number one.